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Nomads Like Us is a collaborative project between Melbourne based composers Christina Higham and Victoria Cotta. Their innovative vision pushes the boundary of what is expected from classical music, film and story telling, while speaking to the audience in a timeless language, moving, delighting and surprising along the way. Performing on two pianos, the duo create hauntingly beautiful dancing melodies that weave alongside their virtuosic skills effortlessly and playfully. 


Their compelling vision came to life and captivated audiences in their original show 'The Unravelling', winning Best Music at the Melbourne Fringe Festival (2019). Their co-produced show with the Sydney Fringe Festival at their touring hub in the Seymour Centre went on to be awarded Best in Music for the Sydney Fringe Festival (2022). Meticulously rehearsed, yet joyful and part improvised, The Unravelling unites audiences as it invites and welcomes an exploration of our collective identity. 


Get lost in an immersive live music experience questioning the present, exploring the present and speaking to a hopeful future. It is through almost a premonition The Unravelling predicts a period of darkness and through this a new seed is grown, BABY UNIVERSE is born.

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Victoria Cotta is a Melbourne based multi-instrumentalist whose compositions and performances have taken place across the world. Classically trained on piano from the age of 6, she continued on piano and flute, picking up bass, guitar, ukulele and singing and a deep love for music, composition and arrangement as she went.

Composing from a young age as a means of expression and catharsis, Victoria's music combines intricate harmonies and delicately hung melodies to evoke an inner exploration unique to each listener and performance.


She studied her Bachelor of Music specialising in Jazz and Popular  furthering her broad training and love for harmony and composition. She went on to teach music in Qatar and Italy before releasing her debut album of solo piano compositions 'Through Your Eyes' which was released in 2019 and spans 15 years of work. 

Nomads Like Us has brought two like minds together and is an opportunity to push the boundaries of genre, art form, story telling and the expected.

Christina Higham is a classically trained composer and performer based in Brunswick, Naarm. She has worked with artists and writers across varying disciplines to create collaborative works, and has released numerous solo projects.  Her lyrical, expansive and dynamic piano pieces have captured the imagination of listeners worldwide with her most popular release topping 3 million streams on Spotify alone, and her scores played by pianists across the globe.


Guided by intuition and improvisation, she draws inspiration from nature, human emotion, experimentation with form and genre, and enjoys forming melodies on her soulful 100 year old piano.

Growing up in quiet rural Victoria, Christina began playing the piano at age four and soon after the violin. She also plays the ukulele, sings and is a passionate music teacher.

The forming of Nomads Like Us in 2019 has led to a strong partnership, innovative experimentation, exciting new works, challenging the status quo and repositioning what “classical” music can be.



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